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For the exact measurement of cylindrical and conical roll profiles, convex and concave crowns, special forms, CVC profiles, sag and roll position, as well as rolls and pipes with interior bore holes, run out, roundness, concentricity and diameter. In the steel, aluminium, paper, printing, textile, films and food industries, as well as all other sectors using rolls, cylinders and rollers.


Leading technology

Our products range from saddle-type and machine-mounted measuring devices, measurement electronics and software, to individual custom solutions, all of which are used by customers worldwide. Thanks to our continous development and the implementation of customers wishes, we have become the leader in roll-profile measurement technology.



We have a vast range of accessories to provide you with a customized solution for your requirements. This includes specialized measurement inserts, trolleys, wall holder and transport boxes. We also specialize in custom-made products.


All-round support

It is equally important to us that you are completely satisfied with our services, for example: with calibrations, measurements and training courses. Our offers will optimize your work and production processes, making them more efficient to save you time.

Our range of services in detail

A program leaving nothing to be desired

Mobile saddle-type roll-profile measuring devices

Optimal for speedy, precise, and robust contour measurements of rolls, cylinders, and rollers, no matter where the roll is located. Portable equipment with aluminum measuring carriage “WMG 3040” for 100 to 2,350 mm diameters or carbon-fiber measuring carriage “WMG 3041” for 200 to 2,000 mm diameters (also suitable for softer surfaces) available.

Measurement electronics

The electronics are optimally adjusted for the roll-profile measuring device application and support all standard measurement functions. For mobile applications (“WMG 4000 and 5000”), especially light and agile: network-independent work for up to 5 hours, data transfer via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi on hand-held devices and computers.

Measurement & calibration

With our extremely precise saddle-type measuring device we can perform comparative, inspection and commissioned measurements for you. You will receive an internationally recognized measurement log, providing you with a reliable statement about the roll profile. We can also carry out exact calibrations, for example, for mobile device measuring probes or on-site machine-mounted devices.

Machine-mounted roll-profile measuring devices

Direct installation on the carriage or opposite the grinding wheel, for rolls, cylinders and rollers with a diameter between 100 – 2,600 mm. Available as an online or offline version (suitable for all roll grinding machines), with manual or fully-automated integration into the grinding process.

Measurement software

The innovative software package WMS-V.x creates detailed measurement logs and stores these in a database. You can use it to create analyses, usage histories and observations, and present these in a detailed graphic diagram with the date, time and responsible inspector.


Depending on prior training and experience of your operating personnel and the state of your measurement equipment, our training contents can be completely customized to your unique requirements. The training can take place at the measurement site, at your company premises or in our training center.

Custom solutions

Optimal for very specific requirements, i.e., internal measurement devices, IMD – Measurement within the product machine (In-machine measuring device), run out measuring devices or machine bed measurement. We can develop the right solution to almost any issue for or in cooperation with our customers.

Transport & support

To safely transport and store your product, we can provide a holder and transport trolley, fitted to your saddle-type measuring device. These ensure the reliable protection of measuring devices against most damage.

Spare parts & maintenance

We would be pleased to perform regular maintenance on your WMG and Schönthaler roll-profile measuring devices. Most devices can be provided with the latest electronics through minimal alterations to ensure a seamless transition. Supply and replacement of wearing parts off the shelf are also included in our range of services for you.


From WMG and the world of roll-profile measuring devices

Major order for 2022 | Online roller profile measuring device sets standards

The WMG online measuring device type 9000-2P-S continues to establish itself. More and more customers in the steel and aluminium industry are explicitly naming the device in their tenders. Our partner Metex Group GmbH alone is ordering 6 measuring devices for the current financial year. Our philosophy of responding to customers’ wishes and thus providing the greatest possible satisfaction is bearing fruit.

2021 review | New developments bring a boom in orders

The new and further developments to the mobile roller measuring device brought WMG GmbH a new order record in the Mobile Measuring Systems division. The mobile measuring system is no longer purely a measuring device, it has become a measuring and analysis system. The ability to simultaneously measure the geometric and thermal profile of rollers during a measurement run and display it in real time on a tablet helps our customers to achieve very high efficiency. Analysis and evaluation are even easier and more meaningful with the new evaluation software. With the new import function for target profiles, there are no more limits for our customers.

January, 2020 | Revolutionary new measurement electronics WMG 6000

· Real-time roll profile measurement with 1 mm distance extended by temperature measurement profile with 1 mm distance
· Wifi connection with operating and analysis devices
· Via browser-based front-end for almost all display devices (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone)
· Dual core 32bit embedded CPU
· Battery operation for up to 4 hours, almost unlimited via powerbank

June, 2018 | WMG Walzenmessgeräte in new, modern facilities>

We moved our company location to new facilities in Langenau, close to Ulm. Development, production an administration are located in one building. This allows very lean communication structure.


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